The Forecast: 8-8-13

the-weekly-forecastThere was a bunch of dope matter to choose from this week so I just went with instincts. Dope vibes provided to you this week by Clear Blue, Handbook, GoYama, Haz Solo, Franco-Hill, Languid, and yagi. Mellow out with it.



Mac Miller ft. Niki Randa – I Am Who I Am (Official Video)

I realize I’m late on this post but I like the video too much not to still post it. Mac’s latest album had more of an introspective feel to it and this song is a perfect example of that. The airy vocals of Niki Randa and Mac’s laidback flows fit the dreamscape feel of the visuals to a tee. Go cop Watching Movies With The Sound Off

Mike Gao – Quadruple Entendre

a3604034821_10Another dope HW&W presentation, this time with the distinct sounds being provided by Mike Gao. This style is heavy on intricate levels of sounds delicately balanced on top of each other without being to intrusive. I’m dubbing it the Jenga approach from henceforth. Everything seems upright to me, judge for yourselves below.

GodsConnect Video Mix Vol. 5

Don’t sleep on GodsConnect as far as the audio/video mashups are concerned, the results are usually ill. It doesn’t hurt to have Knxwledge, Haz Solo, Tuamie, Dibia$e, Ohbliv, PoptartPete, and Prof. Logick tracks to work with. And if you like the video get the mp3 mix.

Also peep this

Swarvy – Sport

a2042268112_10Philadelphia beatsmith had me hooked from track one, because that one definitely got played more than once before I played the rest of the album. But the rest of the tracks can stand up on their own merit, it’s a project full of funk and dope flips. Enjoy

Stainless Steele – Aminated Dreams (produced by Ohbliv)

artworks-000054512464-o0zddi-t500x500“Produced by Ohbliv” is generally a good start to making an ill song, also a chill song. This one seems to float through the eardrums at its own leisurely pace while forcing the listener to enjoy the scenery, and the wordplay. Kudos to the chefs.


artworks-000054807265-aaos9s-t500x500As far as dream collabs go this is pretty high up there for me. JJ DOOM’s already ill track gets an ominous touchup by the BBNG crew. Where underground acts are considered, DOOM and BBNG are two of my favorites. Be on the lookout for Keys To The Kuffs (Butter Edition) on iTunes August 20th.

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